Do you dare to go for unrealistic goals?

Then you have absolutely landed on the right page!

This program is not for those looking for logical, little, progressive steps forward in their personal and/or business development.
This is for people who dare to dream. Dare to dream big and unrealistic!

This is also not for people who always have an excuse for why something is not possible. People for whom a comfort zone is a safe, familiar place that they would rather not get out of.
This program is for people who dare to take risks, people who dare to take the jump.
For this program, we are only looking for people who really want to go to 'The Next Level' in both their personal and business development.

Bob Proctor has more than 60 years of experience in guiding 'High-Performance Individuals'. People who are willing to make 'unrealistic dreams' a reality.
None of these teachings have anything to do with business coaching or strategy. These teaching are all about your own Mind. Your mind is the place where you will find all the answers you need to make your dreams and goals a reality. This program helps you to brings these answers out.

Bob Proctor is widely considered the Master Teacher on topics such as:
The Human Mind
Human Potential
Law of Attraction
Other Universal Laws
Quantum Physics
(Money) Consciousness
And many many more ... 

Daisy Bendanon is officially certified by the Proctor Gallagher Institute to also give you these teachings and guide you in this unique coaching program 'Thinking Into Results'. 

Change is inevitable. Personal Growth is a choice.

Your results, our mission. 
From successful entrepreneurs to starting entrepreneurs. From CEO's to top athletes. From coaches to financial advisors. It doesn't matter what your background is. Thinking Into Results has made a huge impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide. Thinking Into Results is suitable for any purpose and no goal is too big for this unique system.

60 years of knowledge & experience

As humans, we are 'programmed' to focus on changing behavior and habits to change results. This is a slow way to achieve what is, ultimately, only temporary.

If you really want to make a permanent change in your life, you have to go deeper.
You need to change at the level where your results originated in the first place.
You need to change your deep-rooted thoughts and beliefs on a subconscious level. In other words, you need to change your Paradigm.

In short, your Paradigm is a majority of ideas and beliefs programmed into your subconscious mind from childhood. The 'coding' that is stored in your Paradigm is what you see in your physical results. As long as your Paradigm does not change, your results will never change permanently.

How do I know?

Bob Proctor is widely considered the number one teacher on the topic of human potential and growth. He has more than 60 years of experience on this topic. 
His life story and his results show that he knows how to change Paradigms.

What happens when you do change the Paradigm?

When you do change this, achieving your goal (s) doesn't just become 'possible' or 'likely', it becomes inevitable.

Thinking Into Results - Business Builders Mastermind 

This 24-week group coaching program with Bob Proctor and Daisy Bendanon is for start-up entrepreneurs or part-time entrepreneurs. People who are still building their businesses. It's a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs, with big goals and highly motivated to achieve those goals.

This is what I want

Thinking Into Results - Next Level Mastermind 

This 24-week group coaching program with Bob Proctor is only for well-established, full-time entrepreneurs.
This is a program to Quantum Leap your business to the next level and achieve a massive breakthrough.
The minimum monthly income must be €5.000.

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Thinking Into Results - 1 on 1 private coaching

This coaching is not in a mastermind group but privately 1 on 1 with Daisy. The coaching is possible in English and Dutch.
(You can only register if you earn at least €100.000 per year)

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Listen to why Bob Proctor created 'Thinking Into Results'...

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