The Art of Sacred Selling 

Are you the one who thinks when you hear 'sales', 'oh no, that's not for me'. Or do you immediately see the image of a smooth salesperson trying to aggressively sell you something?

I understand you...

Many entrepreneurs walk around with a wrong, negative image of sales. This is because we are all conditioned with negative information about the world of 'sales'. Aggressive salespeople calling you on the phone, movies like 'Wolf of Wallstreet', and even people selling scams.

While somewhere deep down we also know that selling is the foundation of a successful business. And that selling can also be done differently...

However, you are not yet able to fully master the sales within your company. You have a fantastic product or service. You have put all your love and passion for your field of work into it. But you keep on questioning, how I am supposed to 'sell' this now? Selling without outdated, devious sales techniques?

You may have even considered, or even tried, outsourcing, but this too has not yet produced the desired result. And somewhere you know that it is not because of your product or service...

I'm here to tell you that sales can be done differently.

Welcome to...

'The Art of Sacred Selling'

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My name is Daisy Bendanon

Just a short couple of years ago my whole body went awry by only hearing the word 'sales'.
I had a crazy image in my mind of a sleazy, aggressive sales person who only wanted to 'sell' people to make money.
This image prevented me from doing any sales in my business. I was so blocked in many different ways;
- What would people think of me.
- People will never buy from me(because I'm not good enough).
- What if people think I am going to sell them?
- I don't know what to say if they have objections(because I don't want to use 'sales techniques' on them).

And believe me, much more!

This deep-rooted fear and low self-esteem in selling came from years of working in healing practices.
That's a place where you "don't do it for the money".
A place of pure service and healing.

And that's kind of true...
Unfortunately that also resulted in me making no sales in my business. So also no one "to serve"...

Kind of a weird game right?

Until I heard somebody say: "You can't help someone if you don't sell someone."

A light bulb moment...

Because it's true.

This changed the whole direction of my life!

I went from selling NOTHING, to selling hundreds of thousands of euros in my SERVICE BASED business.

And I want to show you how I did it, so you can do it as well...

"But Daisy, I kind of like sales... I don't think I have a negative image of sales..."

Then I have one question for you...
Are you making the number of sales you really want?
If that's a YES, then this is not for you.
If that's a NO, and you know that you can make more sales, in a more effective and confident way, then you are still in the right place.

"And Daisy, I'm looking to scale my business sales to millions. Is this for me?"

No then this is not for you.
This 3-week program is designed for:
- Coaches/course creators selling their first clients and customers.
- Coaches/course creators/service providers/network marketers looking to scale their sales to 5k/10k/15k/20k months.

3 live sessions

Join me and a group of other entrepreneurs in 3 live sessions on Zoom.
The dates for this live course are pre-set on:
November 29
December 6
December 13.
Time: 7pm GMT / 8PM CET / 3PM EST

Replay is always directly available afterward. And after the live sessions, the videos will be turned into a course and you get LIFETIME ACCESS!

VIP day is on December 15, the same time.

Live session 1: The Mindset for Sales

In this first live session, you will get an inside in your own sales process. How do you currenlty think about sales? What are your limiting beliefs about sales? Do you have a limiting sales paradigm?
And of course, we will shift this into the right Mindset for (sacred) selling. 
You will walk away confident about selling your product or service.

Shift your mindset from selling is bad/aggressive/not for my service-based business, to...
Selling is a sacred art!

Live session 2: 'Heart to Heart' Connection

In this second session you'll learn what the 3 communication levels are. Because we do not only communicate through words(1 level). We communicate on so many levels with our prospects and clients.
Learn how to open people up. Learn how to speak heart to heart. And not logical mind to logical mind.

You'll also learn how to stay in charge of your own Mind regardless of what a prospect might 'trigger' in you. This is what real service means.

Live session 3: Coaching your prospects

Sales people need a very strong imagination. Why?
I will show you why this is the key to successfull, easy and sacred selling.
You'll learn to build long lasting deep connections with your prospects and clients, all from a place of unconditional love. 

You'll also learn a 4 step process to use to stay a leader in the conversation, no matter what happens.
This will give you and your prospect calmness of mind and confidence.

VIP day

This last day is not included in the standard price.
You can decide if you want to add this extra day or not.

On this day I will take a personal look at your sales process. You can get personalized feedback on what to say and do within your sales calls, discovery calls, and even your sales page on your website.
We will also cover making a script. And I will personally help you with creating the right script for you.
This day is also the only opportunity to ask me all your questions. We won't stop until you have everything that you need.

Are you done with the sales mindset of 'having to sell, pushing, needing to make money no matter the interests of a prospect"...


And are you ready to have a beautiful energetic exchange with people, helping them get what they want, in the best way possible?