Hello beautiful soul,
Welcome to this page.
Let me tell you a story about how this course came about...

In June 2022 I hosted a free training called "Manifesting Abundance".
Within this free training we went so deep! After that training I received a lot of messages from people asking me;
"But how do I release emotional blocks?"
"How do I visualize myself with my goal?"

It became very clear to me that people needed 'tools'.
Real-life exercises that they can use on a daily basis.
Because the information alone is not always enough.
That's why right after that training I created a paid 3-day workshop called "Manifesting Abundance 3 day intensive", which took place in July 2022.
Many people attended that Livestream.
That's why I decided to turn it into a small course.
So you, reading this right now, can also follow this workshop.

Let me tell you a bit more about myself...
As you might know… I’m highly motivated to show every single person on this planet how to manifest more abundance in their life! More money, happiness, (self) love & health.

Now if you are closely involved with me and my work with The Proctor Gallagher Institute you know that working with me(us) can be a serious investment(for some people).

Having only my high ticket offer left me feeling a bit off…Because that's just not for everyone.

But working with a company like The Proctor Gallagher Institute creates massive breakthroughs, so in order to have that. You need to put some money on the table. And that's okay. It's just not for everyone.
Some people just want a little increase. Just 1 step better. Just some tools to at least get a bit further in life.
I get it. Because that's how I started out on my personal development journey. 
Small investments eventually lead to bigger investments.

That’s why I have decided to do something that I have NEVER EVER done before!!!

That’s why I am over the moon excited to share this 3-Day Intensive with you!!!

Spend 3 days with me. 3 days completely in my energy. Talking about manifestation, abundance, energy, frequencies and yes this time also… embodiment.

Now pay attention….
Tickets are ONLY €147!

(If you know my prices, you know that this is an absolute NO BRAINER! And you all know that if you are serious about growth you need to invest in yourself!)

Now, I know that you are ready.

But before you jump in...

Go and watch the free "Manifesting Abundance workshop" below.
And then come back to purchase the next-level tools on this page.

Are you ready?

Breakthrough limitations, release emotional blocks, and manifest abundance into your life.

Who am I?

My name is Daisy Bendanon. I am a certified Bob Proctor consultant.
I guide people in their personal development journey with teachings on self image psychology, imagination & transmutation, the science behind the Law of Attraction and universal laws.
The people I work with develop a greater awareness and understanding about themselves which will help them in making quantum leaps in their results.

I offer courses and coaching and sometimes I host free masterclasses for everyone to join.