You want more and that's amazing!

You are not here by accident...
You want more out of life too. You see other people achieve success and you wonder what the 'secret' is.
How do I create more? How do I consciously manifest everything I want?

Manifestation is a simple process of the transmutation of energy. The non-physical aspects of life transmuting to something physical.
Simple .. right?

Or maybe not that simple?

You have already tried several things, but you are still unable to consciously manifest (great) things.

The solution is (finally) here!

Yes tell me more

Break Through Limiting Beliefs

Learn how to say goodbye to limiting beliefs and how to say goodbye to that which no longer serves you.
As a result, there will be room for new, constructive thoughts and beliefs.

Unlock Abundance into your Life

Abundance is always everywhere equally present. For you too.
Learn what you are currently in harmony with, and learn how to change this into what you really want. Abundance will flow to you, instead of away from you...

Find Faith & Calmness of Mind

Setting and achieving goals can become a stressful process, causing us to forget to live in the present moment. The 'now' is the only place where the future is created. Learn to trust your unique process and eliminate frustration, worry and fear..

I am with you

I, Daisy, have been on a journey of self-development for over 10 years. I was in therapy myself and I have given therapy, I followed coaching and I have given coaching. I followed courses, done studies, read books, attended seminars ... You name it.
I have achieved success in the business field and I have also completely lost myself. I have made good investments and lost a lot of money.
I have been broken mentally and spiritually, and am currently experiencing a peak that I have not experienced before.

I know the game.

I know what works and what doesn't when it comes to personal development.
I like it simple. That is why I have developed this course especially for you.
You have so much potential energy dormant within you. And I want to help you bring it out of you. So that you can create, or ... Manifest, whatever desire you have.

I am here to learn you to consciously manifest what you want! Not what you don't want... Because we always manifest.
I have created 11 simple-to-follow, step-by-step modules in which you gradually learn to consciously manifest.

The course lasts a total of 11 weeks. Because I use the power of repetition. You are explicitly working 1 week on 1 module before moving on to the next module.
And because I really do care about you ...
You get lifetime access to the course!
So you can use the steps again and again and fall back on them if you don't succeed.

It's not the amount of reading and studying that makes you successful. It's the understanding and application.

Deep down you've always known you were made for more ...

You may feel insecure about what you "should" do with your life. You don't even know if you're doing it "right," and that thought alone makes you lose your confidence.
Your relationships may lose their passion. Your financial situation could be better. And you become increasingly discouraged by your career or business.

You see other people achieve success effortlessly, and you wonder...
What makes them so special?
And why am I still here and am I not getting any further?

Everybody online says that they have manifested their lives ... And if they can, then so can you.
Just for some reason ... It doesn't work with you.

And even though you try to make things happen ... (almost) nothing changes in your physical reality.

And yet you know, deep down, even though things aren't quite 100% great right now, they will one day be!

There is an internal whisper - a tiny voice - that urges you to trust yourself. To have faith. To seek the answers. To take action.

And now you have been taken to this page...

Marieke Schrik
- Owner of Grow Fresh

Daisy taught me how to really manifest things into reality.

By this, I mean that when you express your intention for something, it means that everything that comes your way happens for a reason!

Regardless of whether this feels positive or negative at the moment.

It is up to you how you take these 'opportunities'.

Because of this, I have manifested for myself that I feel powerful & confident to finally start my own business!

Laura de Jong

In 4 weeks I had the money for my goal!

I've had been following Daisy for quite some time before starting with her course. I always thought that her teachings were only for entrepreneurs. Which I am not. Yet it always aroused my interest. I also unsubscribed for a free live training because I thought again that this was not for me. At the beginning of this year I became sick because everything in me said that if I carry on like this, I would never be happy. Then I listened to a podcast from Daisy, and there I found out that this was not only for entrepreneurs! I messaged Daisy and Manifestation Made Simple came up. A week later I signed up! (I had been trying for months to buy a car for that amount of money, but I couldn't, and I did this in a week without thinking!?)
I started the course and it gave me so many beautiful new insights, a totally different way of thinking. I chose for myself! I chose a better life!
During the course, I found out what my real goal was, for that I needed a (big) amount of money. And 4 weeks later I had the money (And it was much more than my car).
And that's because this course has taught me to find out WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.. and how you can 'manifest' it.
I thank Daisy for these great lessons, she inspires me to manifest my dream life.

Robbie Rudolphie
- Owner of Rudolphie Design

I now easily attract the clients I want!

At first, manifesting was an unknown concept for me. In Daisy's program, I got to know the power of manifestation.

When you become emotionally involved in what you really want, things will appear in your life in miraculous ways.

For example, I have attracted several clients to me for my company.
It was precisely those clients that I was looking for in order to grow and eventually become an independent entrepreneur.

This is your moment to get the right information. To study yourself. Get to know yourself on a deeper level, and manifest those dreams into reality!!

This course is now on SALE.
From €1400 to €700!!

If you want in, send us an email and we will send you the payment details:

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