A woman's chief delusion in life is her conviction that there are other causes than her own state of consciousness.

All that befalls her, all that is done by her, all that comes from her, happens as a result of her state of consciousness.

- Edited from Neville Goddard

 It’s nice to meet you!

Hi Beautiful,

Welcome. My name is Daisy Bendanon. I am a high performance mindset coach & manifestation mentor. I am a certified Bob Proctor consultant and it is my mission to guide you into your unique greatness where you'll be able to manifest all your unrealistic goals.


If we did all the things

we are capable of,

we would literally 

astonish ourselves.


Just think about this...

Are you too comfortable in your good life
to strive for your greatness?

Do you know what the biggest blockage is between you and your goal? Most people think that the biggest block is an obstacle, such as shortage of money, shortage of talent, shortage of time. But that's not it. The most common obstacle standing between you and your goal is "something good"...
Something you settle for...

A good income, a good marriage, good health.
Let me ask you one burning question..

Are you too comfortable in your good life to strive for your greatness?


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